The Club has quite a lot to offer. The sporting facilities are a fantastic resource for Club members. So what do we have?


Sports FacilityReception
Sports FacilityTreatment Room
Sports FacilityYoga / Pilates RoomMirrored Walls, Punchbag, Speed Punching Ball
Sports FacilityClassroomMirrored Walls, Full Sized Exercise Steps, Water Fountain
Sports FacilityGymDumbbells



2 x Exigo Olympic racks

5 x Impulse Benches

1 x Impulse Preacher Curl Bench

1 x Impulse Smith Machine,

1 x GHD,

2 x Impulse Upright Bike

1 x Assault Bike

4 x Impulse Treadmills,

2 x Cybex Arc Trainer

1 x Impulse Lat Pull down

2 x Concept 2 Rowers

1 x Concpet Ski Erg

Sports FacilityChanging RoomsShowers, Lockers, Saunas, Hairdryers, Toilets


Many of our members are wondering when the Club will be re-opened. We are currently working with RTÉ as part of their overall plan for the campus. As your safety and wellbeing is our main priority, we will not reopen until it is deemed safe to do so. We will be in touch once we
As we all work from home, ensure you continue to make time to exercise.  Check out my articles on the LifeStyle section of the RTÉ website for useful advice and tips. My guide through a simple but effective home workout can be read here Stay safe everyone
If you enjoyed ‘The Punisher’ in February, ‘Predator’ is waiting to be explored during March!  Every Wednesday, two classes @ 13:00 and 13:35 from March 4th
Check out the best circuit class in the world every Thursday at The Club.  This month’s class is ‘Stinger’ starting March 5th @ 1 pm
Get your teeth into a seriously effective HIIT workout for the month of February.  We bring you Metafit ‘Piranha’, Two classes every Wednesday @13:00 and 13:35 from February 5th